Sonic Pornography Story: Schoolteacher’s Pet – part 2

Sonic Pornography Story: Schoolteacher’s Pet – part 2

Chapter 2

The students sat there flustered and fixated on the scene in front of them. As sally and bunny kissed deeply sharing the cum they just sucked out of tails, who was now laying flat on his back resting on the giant pillows trying to catch his breath.

Slowly princess sally broke the kiss and stared into bunny’s eyes with a slight flush on her face while bunny had a nervous smile and shot a look towards the students. “Ohh yes well… that was a good demonstration. Don’t you think so class?” Sally said as she turned back to the class a little flustered and embarrassed that she had gotten caught up in the moment, while bunny only beamed and gave the class a nice big smile as she helped tails take his seat with the other children.

“Well then moving right along class our next topic is cunnilingus and….”, “that means eating pussy shugars” bunny interrupted as the girls in the class burst out into a fit of giggles while sally frowned at her half robotic assistant. “Ohh common sall this’ll be a lot more fun if ya use words we can all understand“. “Fine fine then well do it your way” sally said with a sigh as she rolled her eyes. “But anyway I do need a volunteer or two to help with this next demonstration.” Though before she had even finished her sentence every girl in the class had her hand up.

Sally loving their enthusiasm gestured towards the twin’s “ ruby why don’t you come up here and sapphire you can be her partner.” The twins giggled as they scampered over to were the princess was, pulling off their large tie-dye shirts in the process. “Cala would you join us as well” the chameleon girl smiled at her teacher as she got up and quickly yanked the weasel she was sitting next to across the room with her. “Come on slick this’ll be fun”.

Ruby and cala now sitting in-between there teachers, both leaning back with their legs spread apart and there hands on there knees. Their pussys already wet from the first lesson now on display for the entire class, with slick and sapphire sitting in front of there partners and the rest of the students watching intently from behind them. Sally sitting next to cala, gently holding her up with one hand, as she pointed at the chameleon girls dripping pussy, just as bunny was acting as her mirror image and held ruby in the exact same way.

“Sall shuga mind if I take the saddle on this one” bunny said with a smile knowing all to well sally was going to use some words that she wouldn’t understand let alone the kids. “Sure bunny take the lead” sally said with a smile. “All right now shugas pay attention. The pussy is a little more sensitive than a cock so you have to treat it gentle like” as she used her robotic fingers to spread the fox girls pussy apart drawing out a tiny gasp from the fox girl. Sally following suit did the same for cala who let out a much louder moan as the chameleon girl rolled her head back.

“When licken at a girl yall need to remember three things, her lips deep inside her and the clit” as she gently touched the fox girls exposed clit with her middle robotic finger causing her to jump at the touch. “Ahhh cold” she whimpered with her eyes shut tightly. “Ohh mah stars. I’m sorry dharlen” bunny said as she gave the little fox a gentle kiss on the cheek. “its.. Its okay miss bunny it was just intense is all“. Bunny smiled at her and continued. “ Its real easy once yall know how it’s done but its best to go from bottom to top.” As she slowly slid her metallic finger from the bottom of her pussy all the way to the top resting on her clit tracing small gentle circles around it causing the little fox to shiver in her arms. Sally was mimicking everything bunny was doing only cala was much more responsive to her touch lifting her waist off of the pillows cooing loudly and pressing her smiling face into sallys breasts. Bunny slowly took her wet fingers away from Rubys dripping pussy and leaned back. “All right now shugas lets see what ya got” as she and bunny let go of their students and moved to the sides.

Sapphire and slick eagerly moved towards their respective partners. “Hehe I know just how to make my sister squeal.” Said sapphire as the girl crawled between her sisters legs holding onto ruby’s inner thighs and lowing her mouth to her sisters soaked pussy, blowing softly onto her clit. “Ahhh please sapphire I wana cum” she moaned as she raised her hips off the pillows. “Hehe okay then sis” as sapphire wrapped her lips around her sisters exposed clit sucking hard on the sensitive little nub making the girl scream.

Glancing at the twins as they moved against each other slick shot a smile and a wink up to the panting cala showing off his fang. “ I never liked being showed up beautiful” he said right before planting his muzzle into the chameleon girls wet pussy. Shoving his tongue in deep inside of her lapping at her inner most places, causing the green skinned girl to thrash wildly in place trying to grind her pussy into the weasels face as she moaned out in pleasure.

As the students continued with their demonstration, each girl’s moan seeming to be louder than the next, the rest of the class was very riled up. As Amy the hedgehog leaned into the raccoon boys arm stroking the large tent in his shorts firmly. “You know Locke you’ve been awfully patient with all this going on and I think that kind of dedication deserves a reward” as she unzipped his fly, letting his large cock spring up in front of her. The shear size of it making the girl let out a small gasp as her eyes widened at the sight of it. “Heh I guess I am kinda big for my age” lock said with a grin, rubbing his hat into the back of his head with his palm as his ears twitched. His cock stood at full attention that came up half way past his stomach and was almost twice as thick as Amy’s arm. The shaft thick with only a slight hint of veins going up, leading to a large smooth mushroom head. Amy grinned at the raccoon “ Don’t you get cocky now. I’m Amy! I can handle anything.” She proclaimed as she dove onto his cock taking the large head into her mouth wrapping her hands around the shaft and began to suck noisily. Locke’s eyes opened wide in surprise at the girl’s abrasiveness but soon let out a long sight as the hedgehog girl drew her tongue in circles around the head of his cock. “Ohh wow you really can handle anything. Remind me to return the favor when you’re done hot stuff.” As he gently laid hi hand on top of her head as she sucked at his large rod.

As the sex scene went on around him the wolf cub’s eyes seemed glued on the twins. Ruby having her legs wrapped around her sister’s head as she moaned loudly. With a blush on his face the cub was absent-mindedly stroking his cock. While tails sat at his right and the little skunk girl sat at his left. Tails wrapped his arm around the cub’s shoulder leaning forward looking at the skunk girl. “Hey sky! Looks like Franklin is finally getting into the spirit of things” said the now fully recharged fox, whose cocks were now laying against his stomach only half way hard. With this Franklin tuned red as a beet and quickly moved his hands down to his sides as sky giggled. Wrapping her right arm around his shoulder as well, laying it atop tails arm she leaned forward looking at tails. “ I think the poor little shy guy needs some help huh tails.” “You read my mind sky” said the twin tailed fox as both Tails and Sky reached their free hands in front of Franklin’s face and interlocked their fingers. Before Franklin could say a word the two wrapped there joined hands around his still erect cock and began stroking him softly. Frozen in shock Franklin shivered at their touch turning ever redder by the second, his eyes darting back and fourth between sky and tails. “Ahhh you… you two.. but….but…”. As both sky and tails wrapped there arms around him tighter and leaned there faces into his neck stroking him faster. “Ohh don’t you worry shy guy, me and tails will get to your cute butt in good time” said sky as she started to suckle at his neck, Franklin`s eyes widening in a surprised blush at her words. “Yea but in the meantime just relax and enjoy yourself” said tails as he too began suckling at the other side of the wolf cubs neck. “Ahhh” at a complete loss for words all Franklin could do was close his eyes and smile with a contented sigh as he felt the pleasure growing in his loins starting to rival the red in his cheeks.

Cala bit her lower lip and pinched her right nipple hard in her fingers while she watched the twins lying next to her moaning louder than anyone in the class. Pressing her pussy into slick’s face, drenching his muzzle with her juices as she visibly shook in pleasure. “Ohh slick they are so beautiful, I want them so badly” she said as she continued to work her body into the young weasel’s face. Taking his mouth off of her dripping slit, slick looked up at the chameleon girl with a grin on his face. “ Then you’ll love it when ill get them both underneath us, screaming in pleasure as we fuck em silly.” Calas heart skipped a beat as she took a deep breath at the thought, her eyes fixated on the twins, while slick at that very moment used his large fang to bite down on her exposed clit. Screaming at the top of her lungs, Calas body reeled back in an arch as her orgasm hit her, her hands clinched tightly into the pillows around her as she convulsed in place. Slick holding onto her legs firmly as he continued to lick at her pussy, now drenching his face, wanting to prolong her pleasure as much as he could.

Calas scream seeming to start a chain reaction as the entire class seemed to scream out at the same time. Ruby wrapping her legs around her sisters’ head mewing loudly as she started cuming. Sapphire sucked on her clit as hard as she could, she didn’t care how tightly her sisters legs held onto her as she revealed in the pleasure she was giving her. Locke with his hand on Amy’s head groaned loudly as he came. Her eyes closed with a smile; Amy swallowed his cum as it pored into her mouth small dribbles of cum seeping passed her lips and onto her cheeks. Franklin tried to formulate words but no sound escaped his mouth as tails and sky stroked him hard. His cum erupting out of his cock covering there hands as they continued to suckle at his neck, holding him up gently with there arms still interlocked behind him.

As the moans finally subsided sally clapped her hands with a smile on her face. “Well done, that was a fine demonstration. Slick and Sapphire you both did an excellent job.” Then turning her attention to the rest of the class “Now I know you all want to join in but you really should pay more attention to the demonstration instead of giving into your urges, isn’t that right bunny.” As she looked at Bunny who was moaning softly as her robotic hand had taken the shape of a large cock and was buzzing loudly while she worked it in and out of her pussy. “BUNNY” sally fumed at her assistant, her hands clinched in fists at her sides. Quickly removing her hand from her slit as she rubbed the back of her head with the other “ohh! Heheh sorry sal shuga, I guess I couldn’t help mha self” she said with a smile and her toung sticking out, as she waved her robotic hand rearranging it from its cock like shape back into her normal fingers. Sally rolling her eyes as she turned back to her students. “Very well then, now on to the next lesson.”

End of Chapter 2

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