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Shadow wants to fuck petite Cosmo all by himself tonight

Sonic Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Shadow wants to fuck petite Cosmo all by himself tonight
Watch mock-modest goody-goody females of Sonic laying astraddle to show their smooth and soft tresure and enormous red-headed heroes slapping their bollocks over tempting ass hemisphere… Let’s get inspired by a hooker from Sonic that is getting hammeres directly on the cobblestones after she’d been doing her shopping just the other moment. This hottie plays a flesh windpipe and shows off her heavily haired twat while slamming her ass down on cock in front of the cam.

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Watch Amy Rose fucking her dildo outdoors!

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GIF Animation: Watch Amy Rose fucking her dildo outdoors!
Have a look at unreally-shaped unbeatable Sonic dinners coated in constricted coat that barely encompassed their great lils! Link got crazy: she warms up her yummy pussy with her right hand and got endless wave of delight and pleasure from it! Have you gone bored with first-class Sonic pranks that will leave you breathless and provoke your fuck-adoring Mr. Baby-Maker get unleashed?

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Check out Rouge’s new sexy lingerie!

Xxx Sonic

Hentai Picture: Check out Rouge’s new sexy lingerie!
Passing belief, but these heathenish top-drawer painted Sonic worthies are aware heaps about dissolute Saturnalias, they are not as white as you understood when you get an eyeful of them over TV… A couple of sexually eager studs poke their rods into a hot girl’s cock-sucker and double-team her giving her no quarter! One awesome cum-drinker of Sonic displays the truly unique abilities in riding with her ass on thick and powerful dick firstly and then getting pumped by this thick tool in mission style!

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Sonic Pornography Story: Tails’ Dream & Tikal’s Smooch Part Two

Sonic Pornography Story: Tails’ Dream & Tikal’s Smooch Part Two

Tails gasped as the tangible spirit of Tikal took her top off, exposing two firm, average-sized breasts.
‘You like ’em?’ Tikal said, cupping her own boobs. ‘Amy sure did two years ago.’ Amy blushed. ‘Anyway, you’re kinda breaking my rules, Rosy. One dream per life also means one payment per life.’
‘But…’ Amy said disappointed. ‘You were my first real lover… I really want to feel you again…’
‘I guess I can make an exception.’ Tikal smiled. ‘You’ve grown a lot since we last met… You’re a real woman now… Stay tuned, Tails!’ Tikal said.
Tikal dropped down on bed and crawled towards Amy. Tikal kissed her on her lips and her hand went inside her pyjamas.
‘Hmm… when we first met, you were almost flat… now you’re a real teen… I love teens… reminds me of when I was one…’ Tikal touched her young developing breasts and french kissed the pink hedgehog. Tails was turned on by this and his wet cock started to grow in size.
‘Wow, now I finally get to see what your meat looks like!’ Tikal smiled. ‘Undress Amy, we gotta please this boy.’
Tikal grabbed Tails’ fox dick with one hand and slowly pulled his shaft.
‘Hmm… I love little boys… but you’re way too big to be called that way.’ Tikal said. ‘That cock’s pretty big for a boy your age. You should be glad you wasn’t born a woman because you’ve got the size…’ Tikal licked the tip of his cock, tasting some of his semen he ejaculated in his dream. Tails panted with his eyes half closed.
‘You like this honey?’ Tikal asked. Tails nodded and moaned. Amy had undressed herself and crawled towards his cock.
‘Hey Amy, you look nervous. You shouldn’t be, you’re in the right hands.’ Tikal kissed Amy and touched her body. Amy shivered.
‘But this is not you’re payment, it’s Tails. Let’s get him ready because I do need a good time to seal the deal.’
‘What if I… don’t… succeed…?’ Tails panted.
‘Then I’ll have to plague you with nightwares. Don’t worry though, that never happened before.’ She hastely added when she saw the look on his face. ‘Common Amy, time for a blowjob.’
Tikal lowered her head and closed her lips around Tails’ cock. She sucked him very slowly, looking him deep into the eyes. Tails moaned and stroke her orange spines. Amy lied next to Tails and they kissed, Amy rubbing his chest fur and Tails touching her pink tits. Tikal smiled and didn’t stop blowing, Tails moaning while french kissing Amy.
‘Sorry to interrupt your sweetness, but I really want to see how good you’ve gotten with cocks.’ Tikal said to Amy. The pink hedgehog quickly went down, grabbed Tails dick and started deepthroating him slowly. She played with his balls and used her tongue in it’s full length.
‘Good job Amy… let’s see if he likes this…’ Tikal said and she started sucking his balls. Then the girls started licking his shaft, one side each, and covering his dick with hot saliva while still looking in nothing but his eyes.
‘You guys are making me wet.’ Tikal panted with his cock in her hand. ‘Your turn Amy. Under my skirt, no panties.’ Tikal whispered. Amy nodded and she crawled between Tikal’s fine orange legs. Tikal turned on her side while sucking Tails, spreading her legs and exposing her wet orange pussy. Amy moved her head towards it and started licking her cunt.
‘Oh yeah… that’s the spot Amy!’ Tikal moaned with the cock in her mouth. ‘Good girl… good boy… you’re doing a great job so far!’ Receiving cunnilingus from Amy made her suck harder and grab his shaft with two gloves, looking right into Tails’ blue eyes. The preteen fox couldn’t do anything but enjoy, his eyes half-closed and unfocused while caressed Tikal’s orange spines, moaning softly.
‘Ah… time for round two…’ Tikal smiled while handjobbing the boy. ‘I prefer being on top, just keep lying there… sweet boy…’
Tikal climbed on top of his legs and grabbed his shaft, slowly rubbing it.
‘Amy, I don’t want you to be bored. Sit on the boy’s face.’ Tails startled. ‘I make the rules here, honey.’ Tikal smiled. ‘And don’t tell me you don’t want some of that pussy…’
Tikal moved her butt up and let Tails’ cock penetrate her wet vagina. Tikal hummed satisfied and Tails moaned. Then Amy kneeled down with spreaded legs between Tails’ head.
‘Just alarm me if you can’t breath, okay?’ Amy said. Tails nodded with a blush on his face and Tikal giggled while she slowly begin riding his 10-year old dick.
Amy pressed her pussy against Tails mouth and he started to lick her tight wet pink slit. Tikal grabbed Amy’s tits in front of her and started massaging her firm boobs. ‘You got bigger…’ Tikal whispered. ‘And you’re still in development… my, how I love teenagers.’ Tikal started caressing her nipples with her tongue while banging the little boy and Amy moaned louder. Tails licked her pussy swifly and enjoyed it a lot. He grabbed her short pink tail with one hand and started to stroke it like it was a cock.
‘I can go for a little harder… deeper…’ Tikal panted and she started to bang him harder. Tails started to pant harder which made Amy think she was suffocating him.
‘Do I… OH!’ Amy said. Tails didn’t want her to leave this position and he grabbed her butt firmly with his gloves to keep her in position.
‘C’mere you…’ Tikal said and she pressed her lips against Amy’s. Amy panted in her mouth and they started to french kissing, drooling down their chins. The triangle was getting very hot; The echidna humped the fox hard, the fox licked the hedgehog fast and the hedgehog kissed the echidna passionatly.
Tails suddenly lost control of himself and pushed Amy out of his face. The girl fell confused on the blankets. Tails grabbed Tikal and pushed her down on her hands and knees, rammed his cock inside her pussy, his hands pulling her spines towards him and banging her hard from behind.
‘Oh Taillls…. ahhhh… you’re not in commma- OH!’ Tikal shouted but the boy couldn’t stop himself. He thrusted hard against her behind and pulled her spines towards him.
‘Oh… I want you so badly… I’m gonna cummm…’ Tails growled while ramming the orange echidna.
‘Me too… yeahhh… let’s cum together Tailsy…’
Tails’ balls compressed and his shaft tickled with excitement; with one big thrust he ejaculated a big jet of white splooge out of his throbbing preteen dig in the sex-spirit’s tight pussy. Tikal’s uterus compressed along while she released an inexpressible inner feeling along with his thrusting cock. Tails and Tikal moaned and panted while the fox spurted his last cum inside the girl’s womb. From that moment on, he felt happy to be a man again.
‘Wow… I… I gotta say…’ Tikal panted with cum dripping out of her pussy, ‘I’ve had a lot of orgasms… but this was one of the best!’ Tikal hugged Tails and kissed him; Tails kissed her back manly. Amy sat somewhat uncomfortable on the bed, and Tikal noticed this.
‘We might be done… but there’s still one girl left…’ Tikal said deviously. Tails grinned.
‘I’d say we share her… you get her pussy… and I get her ass…’
Amy was surprised but the fox picked her up before she could say anything, sat down and held her tight against his body. Tikal crawled towards them and Tikal started to lick her wet pussy. Amy struggled and moaned because of the tickling, but Tails held her tight and started nibbling her ear and stroking her breasts.
‘Tikal… if you please…’ Tails said and he pointed at his semi-erected cock, right underneath Amy’s lap. Tikal pushed Amy’s butt upwards and started sucking the boy’s cock, which became rock hard in 10 seconds. He then pushed his cock against Amy’s tight asshole and she gasped.
‘Here it comes baby… all of me…’ Tails growled and he penetrated her entire butthole. Amy screamed while Tails slowly stood up. He beared Amy’s buttcheeks tight in his strong paws while Tikal sat down on her knees, licking Amy’s clit, Tails pounding her asshole with his hard cock.
Amy felt fantastic; both holes were in the middle of attention. She had been horny all evening and finally felt the orgasm she wanted when she looked inside her nighttable for some nude pictures of Sonic… how she ended up between Tails and a sex-godess, she couldn’t remember, but all that matters was what was being fucked or licked at the moment. Her uterus compressed and she started moaning faster and more high-pitched – squealing when she came on Tikal’s face. Tails nibbled her ear and slowed down on her ass, Tikal licked her entire cunt clean. Amy panted loudly after the orgasm and started to get loose from Tails’ grip.
‘Ooohhh… get down girls… I’m cumming again…’ Tails growled. Amy jumped off his cock and sat down next to Tikal on her knees; faces close together; mouth wide, tongue out; eyes looking into Tails’ with hungry slutty glimpses…
Tails screamed and pulled his last load of goo out of his young dick. The girls catched the jets with their mouths, yet not breaking a single stare in his eyes. Tikal then sucked his cock clean with her mouth (and pussy still) full of cum.
Tails dropped down on his knees too and moved his head towards Amy’s. She still had a mouth full of his goo; this was not the time for a kiss with a boy and she warned him for this by pointing at her cheeks.
‘No… I had my first taste of cum in a dream… now I want to make that part of the dream come true…’ Tails slipped his tongue inside Amy’s mouth and Amy opened it after a short doubt. Tails tasted his own cum and loved it just as much as in the dream; no wonder all the girls in town were crazy for it. Tikal ticked him on the shoulder and moved her head towards him too; Tails let go of Amy and frenched with Tikal, tasting his own cum once more. He swallowed it in one gulp; the girls were amazed.
‘You’re a real cumslut, Tails!’ Tikal giggled. Tails laughed while a few drops of cum dripped down his furry chin.
‘This night wasn’t what I expected it to become… but it was worth it every second!’ Tails smiled. ‘I really like you, Tikal.’
‘And I like you too Tails. But sadly, I can’t stay forever. I’ll have to go now.’
‘Will we ever meet again?’ Amy said dejected.
‘Only time will tell honey. Now I’ve gotta help other people in need. Farewell.’
Tikal kissed Tails and Amy on the cheek, waved, and disappeared in a puff of smoke. The two preteens stared at that spot for a moment; then they looked at each other, smiled, and cuddled. Tails rested his head on the pillow and Amy lied next to him, her arms around his body and her head on his chest.
‘I’m sure we’ll find a nice boy for you Tails.’ Amy said sleepy.
‘Hey, I’ve got a lot of nice girls too. Tails grinned and he caressed Amy’s head. Amy smiled and gave him a kiss goodnight, then falling asleep in eachother’s arms.

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Sonic Porn Story: Sally & Bunnie

Sonic Porn Story: Sally & Bunnie


It was 9 o’ clock in the evening and Sonic and Tails were eating their pizza in front of the tv.

‘What are you up to tonight?’ Sonic asked.

‘Mina invited me over. It’s gonna be a wild night for sure.’ Tails smiled. ‘What about you?’

‘Sally and Bunnie.’ Sonic smiled.

‘You lucky bastard.’ Tails responded.

‘Hey, you got Rouge all over you. We’re all lucky bastards.’

‘Right.’ Tails he flew of the couch. ‘Mina said she’d be waiting for me – I’m off now. Have fun.’

‘I will, take care of Mina!’ Tails left the room and Sonic looked on the clock. The two girls expected him in Sally’s room in half an hour, enough time for a walk around the village. Sonic turned off the tv and left the house, running towards Rouge’s hut first. As he wouldn’t have expected to be different, he heard moaning sounds. Also he heard the sound of a shower running. Sonic sneaked towards the hut and looked through the window; there he saw Knuckles on the wet floor and Shadow standing. Rouge was bending down between them and enjoyed a double penetration while the water of the shower rained down on her wet hot body.

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Sonic Porno Story: Sonic stories: The Woods

Sonic Porno Story: Sonic stories: The Woods

                The story starts in the forest and Tails was searching for sonic. Tails came towards a clearing, as he got closer to the clearing. He saw a dark figure standing in the middle of the clearing. He moved close to see who that figure was. He saw that it was sonic; he was ready to pop out of the brush.

                The he saw that then was another person standing next to sonic. Tails then when back into the bushes, and wait to see who the other person is. Then the other person stepped out the of the shadowed and then, Tails saw it was Amy. Tails mouth dropped and when he saw Amy kissing sonic. Then Tails came bolting out from the bushes.

He went right up to Amy and sonic. Then he punches sonic right in the mouth, sonic fell to the ground the he looked up at Tails. Sonic asked Tails what he punched him. Tails told sonic that Amy was his girlfriend. Then Tails looked at Amy and told her that she is a fucking whore and that she can pick her stuff up outside of his house.

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Sonic Porn Story: Triforce of Lust

Sonic Porn Story: Triforce of Lust

Rouge hummed and rested her head on the edge of the tub. The bubbles reached her chin and her pretty head was all that popped out of the water. She closed her eyes and tried to get some rest after a few heavy days at G.U.N. in the warmth of the water and smell of the lotion.
When she opened her eyes, she saw the black hedgehog leaning on the sill. Rouge didn’t startle, but smiled.
‘Oh, Shadow, how could I not see this coming.’ She smiled. She couldn’t have been sleeping for quite a while; her skin was still pretty smooth and the tub was still filled with soap.
‘I was watching the soap disappear bubble by bubble, exposing more and more flesh of your beautiful busty body.’ He spoke like a poet.
‘Hehe.’ Rouge laughed with her usual naughty smile. ‘You won. Get in here.’
Shadow climbed through the window and landed in the bathroom. To Rouge’s surprise and disappointment, he had no boner.
‘We haven’t had intercourse for quite some time, huh?’ Rouge said.
‘That’s true.’ Shadow spoke. ‘There have been some devolping romances.’
‘I still cannot believe you prefer that toddler over me.’ Rouge said perky and she crossed her arms.
‘Little Cream is the second-closest woman I ever have fallen in love with.’
‘Ooooh…’ Rouge said seductively. ‘So I’m number one, right?’
‘Sorry Rouge, you’re number 3.’ Shadow said and Rouge’s smile disappeared.
‘Look Shadow, I know you have a past, if you don’t want to talk about it then don’t, but if you want me for tonight you better treat a lady with a little more respect!’
‘Can I make it up to you?’ Shadow asked.
‘Why yes. Yes you can, Shadow.’ And Rouge’s smile appeared just as fast as it went. ‘Do you mind to get wet?’
‘Not at all.’ Shadow grinned and he threw his shoes in the corner and stepped into the tub.

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Check out Bunnie Rabbot’s booty!

Sonic Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Check out Bunnie Rabbot’s booty!
You may have come across average Sonic before, it would be a challenge to discover such an abundance of groin grabbingly awesome material all here for you. Fair haired Sonic bitch with a fuckable body gets her pussy, anal crack, mouth and tits filled with massive schlongs and gets her tits washed with cum. Dainty Bunnie Rabbot demonstrating her thoroughly stretched asshole after a tremendous assride!

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Amy Rose has never seen rod of this size before!

Sonic Porn

Hentai Picture: Amy Rose has never seen rod of this size before!
If you thought you’ve seen Sonic before, you will be hard pressed to find a collection of groin grabbingly awesome material at one place. It’s time to fill up this big tit Sonic girl with her ass cheeks so hot and a fuck-willing cunt… Pretty hottie posing naked and having some fun with a thick fuck toy.

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First Impresssions: Even first time for Sonic and Amy can have a consequences…

Sonic Hentai Porn DoujinshiSonic Hentai Porn Doujinshi Continue reading

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